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Bunion Treatment

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Bunion Treatment

Bunion Treatment in Lehigh Valley, PA

Bunions and pain at the big toe joint are very common conditions seen at Twin Rivers Podiatry. Bunions are also called hallux valgus or hallux abducto-valgus. Bunions are boney prominences on the inside of the foot behind the big toe. It may look like an enlargement of the bone, but it is not. Its is the normal bone, which is just in an abnormal position.

Over time, the big toe will move toward the other toes, which forces the bone behind it to move the other way. This produces the bump on the inside of your foot behind the big toe. The bump is called a bunion. Studies show that bunions usually affect men and women equally, but women are more likely to seek care for this condition. It could possibly be because the tighter, high-heeled shoes that women wear make bunions more likely to be painful.

The consequences of a long term instability of your foot may include a painful big toe joint, bone spurs on the top of the joint, and a limitation of motion at the joint. This condition is called Hallux Limitus, or Hallux Rigidus. If the foot becomes unstable and the metatarsal bone behind the big toe elevates excessively with every step that you take, it effects the way the joint functions. This instability causes jamming of the joint, which leads to pain, inflammation, and the eventual development of bone spurs and arthritis.

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